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Vincent Kem is a wedding photographer from Beausoleil,

Alpes-Maritimes 06240 and realize your wedding photographs in a timeless, luminous and natural style  while making sure to tell your fantastic wedding day in the form of a wedding photoreportage.

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Fine Art wedding photography in Beausoleil


Having studied in the school of photography which is the CE3P,  and holder of a State Diploma in Photography, he has taken on the role of professional wedding photographer since 2018 and works in Beausoleil, where he links the methods of photo reportage to tell your wedding day while assembling photos with iconic and timeless framing, with the intention of revealing aesthetic details and for example during couple photos. 

Fine Art wedding photographer

Wedding photographer in Beausoleil, both of you will be very happy because Beausoleil has very beautiful places of reception, granting you to have very beautiful images of wedding, whether it is wedding estates or castles.

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Wedding photography in Beausoleil


Wedding photography is a field of competence that does not allow the slightest mistake, because it requires multiple technical skills. 


The future bride and groom are different, so each wedding is different, Vincent Kem, as a wedding photographer in Beausoleil  The wedding photographer is responsible for the creation of the photos, emphasizing good preparation and good communication with the bride and groom, even if he is aware that unforeseen events may occur. 

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Your wedding told in pictures by a wedding photographer in Beausoleil


Her goal is to capture the wonder, surprise and emotions of the bride and groom, their families and their guests, while maintaining visual consistency throughout the wedding photojournalism. Her primary desire is that as a wedding photographer in Beausoleil, the people who will look at the wedding photographs can see the expression of love and celebration.

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Vincent Kem, wedding photographer differentiated by MyWed


Thanks to his talent as a wedding photographer in Beausoleil, Vincent Kem has received the honor of being ranked in December 2021 in the renowned MyWed ranking which groups about 70,000 photographers in the world, where he is part of the 30 best wedding photographers in France.


Beausoleil has many wedding reception venues for beautiful wedding photos


Although he has professional equipment that allows him to do the most difficult wedding photos, his skills and consistency also allow him to detach himself from the photographic technique and to focus on the instinctive photos and on the main actors of this wedding day: You and your guests, as well as the universe of your wedding.


Thus, in the city of Beausoleil, Vincent Kem will be able to realize for you very beautiful images, because Beausoleil abounds in charming points of interest to realize the most beautiful images. 


Your personalities and the atmosphere of your wedding will be perfectly revealed.

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Vincent Kem is a wedding photographer in Beausoleil, but not only


Even if he works in Beausoleil, his work as a wedding photographer leads him, to this day, to go to the ends of France but also outside.


In love with the great spaces where he likes to hike, he likes to do photo sessions, engagement or pre-wedding sessions with his bridal couples and have them pose in naturally majestic settings. 


Whether in the city, the mountains or the sea, he moves everywhere to offer you images that look like you.

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Meet your wedding photographer in Beausoleil


Your wedding day will be the starting point of a beautiful adventure of life, and it begins with meetings with your providers. 


Vincent Kem, wedding photographer, will be very honored to meet you here in Beausoleil or nearby to discuss your wedding project. 


You can contact him by filling out the form at the bottom of this page or directly through the Contact page of my site. He will answer them himself.


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