Wedding Photographer in Menton

Wedding photographer in Menton and the surrounding area, your wedding will take place in Menton or the surrounding area? I can also travel all over the Côte d’Azur, I have skills and I am a source of proposals to create the images that look like you. Every year, I have the chance to photograph a national but also international clientele: mainly Anglo-Saxon and from the Asian continent coming to seek the sunny climate of the French Riviera.

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Menton is a border town. For several centuries, it formed the border between Provence and Genoa. Menton was Italian until the disputed French plebiscite of 1860, when the city was added to France. The town of Menton had always been a fashionable tourist center with grand mansions and gardens. Its temperate Mediterranean climate is particularly favorable to the citrus industry, with which it is strongly identified, and obviously an ideal location for wedding photos.

wedding photographer Menton

Very concerned about improving the customer experience and the consistency in the production of my photographs, in a few years I have climbed into the Top 30 of the best French wedding photographers, a ranking produced by the My Wed site which includes more of 70,000 photographers worldwide.

An approach to wedding photojournalism acquired in a photography school serving future bride and groom in Menton

Trained for 1 year in a photography school with a strong appetite for photoreportage (film and digital) where I graduated from the CE3P national exam (diploma issued by the State), I continued to sharpen my artistic vision by collaborating with the most recognized photographers, as well as being in contact with internationally renowned wedding designers / planners, where I have regularly been part of their teams for weddings or editorial projects.

Luminous Wedding Photographer in Menton

Wedding Photographer in Menton
Vincent Kem, according MyWed ranking, is in the Top 30 of the best French wedding photographers

My wedding photos are in the style of Fine Art wedding photography, my images are soft, bright and timeless, for brides with a modern lifestyle.

On the day of a wedding, the bride and groom do not have to manage their wedding photographer, completely autonomous, I anticipate and manage my trips alone, thanks to good communication with the bride and groom, I segment the different phases in advance of your wedding day, so all phases of the wedding are carefully photographed.

Thanks to this segmentation, I can produce wedding photos with a clean and luminous style while telling your fabulous wedding story in the purest vision of wedding photo reportage.

The wedding photos that I deliver, for some, are meant to be more lighthearted, because yes, in a wedding, the guests can be unpredictable and give their touch of madness. Either way, I’m ready to capture those precious moments.

So your wedding story will go through time and you will be able to remember the smallest details of your wedding thanks to the photos.

Fine Art Wedding Photographer in Menton

If you want wedding photos in Menton and more particularly you want a Fine Art wedding photographer in Menton, it is more than advisable to do it as soon as possible and to book so as not to find yourself without a real choice.

I also advise you, if it is possible to meet us either in Menton or in Nice, because the mutual feeling is important, I am only 30 minutes from Menton because I am a wedding photographer living in Nice.

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