Who is the wedding photographer in the show : Le Château de mes rêves, broadcast on M6 ?

Who is Vincent Kem, the wedding photographer you see in the show “Le Château de mes rêves” season 2 on the M6 television channel?

Vincent Kem Phetsomphou
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What did Vincent Kem do in the show: The castle of my dreams?

Kendall and Romain, the new owners of Château de Villeméjane, in Chusclan on the Orange side, are carrying out restoration work and later plan to host weddings. To make this possibility known to future brides and grooms, they called upon Vincent Kem and a whole team of quality service providers (wedding planner, floral decorator, stylist, stationery designer, wedding cake designer, etc.) to produce wedding-inspired photographs to be used in their communication of the castle when the time came.

Where to see the photos taken during the filming by M6, the french national TV, at the Château de Villeméjane?

The photos of the shoot with Kendall and Romain are visible on this page. Si vous avez Instagram, suivez moi.

Who is Vincent Kem?

Vincent Kem is a wedding photographer, residing in Nice and photographing weddings wherever required.

He is part of the French movement of “luminous” photographers. The most common term for this movement is Fine Art Wedding Photography.

Vincent Kem is also a photographer ranked by the international community MyWed in the top 30 wedding photographers in France, ranking made on approximately 1650 French photographers referenced.

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What is a Fine Art or “light” wedding photographer?

If we have to characterize Fine Art wedding photography in 3 words, it would be :

  • Sweet
  • Luminous
  • Timeless

José Villa and Elizabeth Messina are recognized worldwide as the spearheads of Fine Art wedding photography.

Who are the future brides and grooms who choose a Fine Art wedding photographer most of the time?

Modern brides and grooms wishing to obtain photographs of their wedding that will last through time by being timeless.

What are the codes of Fine Art wedding photography?

Fine Art is a photographic way and like any current there are sub-declinations depending on the photographer, generally we find the following codes (non-exhaustive):

From an artistic point of view:

  • A photographic intention that aims at highlighting the subjects by poses that are timeless.
  • Light management to reveal all the elegance of their wedding: the bride and groom and their guests, the universe of their wedding, their lifestyle.
  • A breakdown of the production of photos in reportage mode (on the spot) and in “posed” mode by the photographer. Vincent Kem realizes the 80/20 distribution.
  • The highlighting of the smallest details of weddings. (stationery, tableware, dress elements, groom’s bouquets, wedding rings, engagement ring, etc.)
  • Consistency and harmony in the colorimetric rendering from the first to the last photo, especially on the white aspect of the wedding dress and the contrast on the groom’s suit.
  • Photos of the bride, groom and couple in a fairly stripped style of any parasitic element (ex: a paper towel lying on the floor in the background)

From a technical point of view:

  • The respect of the lines, which means that most of the luminous photographers use fixed lenses, often 35, 50 or 85 mm. They therefore avoid the use of large angles that may distort the lines
  • Light photographers very often use large apertures, ranging from F1.2 to F2.0, or even F2.8. The interest is to be able to realize rather soft images and to emphasize certain elements of composition of the photograph.
  • Virtually no use of flash or other artificial light.
  • A photographic aspect that reminds us of the grain of silver.

What is a wedding inspiration shoot?

A wedding inspiration shoot is an event that brings together service providers from the wedding world around a common project: the production of photographs showing the work of each that will inspire the bride and groom.

Generally, the two initiators of these photos are the wedding planner and the wedding photographer. These two professionals in pairs often have the same style that inspires them and are in the same artistic universe. Sometimes, the Wedding Planner (a role trusted by women) and the photographer entrust the elaboration of the artistic universe to a Wedding Designer (a person who creates the whole wedding scenography).

To initiate a wedding inspiration shoot, a Moodboard is created beforehand which defines the style, the universe and the color tones. Thanks to this Moodboard which defines the backbone of the project, other selected partners will be able to join and complete it.

This is how such a project can bring together the following partners: Photographer, Wedding Planner, Wedding Designer, reception venue owner, stylists, stationery designer, floral artist, models, wedding cake designer, makeup artist, hairdresser, furniture rental company, crockery rental company, etc.

The service providers who participated in the wedding inspiration shoot at the Château de Villeméjane are :

VincentKemPhotographe de mariage@vincent.kem
White LabLucieRobe de mariée@whitelabavignon
LoïcBonifaceModèle homme@vieloic_
ClaireDocagneModèle femme@clairedcg
ManonPonsonBroderie voile@manon.ponson
LydiaRussoMobiliers divers@lydiarusso_peinture
AnouchkaBernardassistante WP@anouchka.bernard
JolibazaarSonialocation vaisselles vintage@jolibazaar
Lily’s ProdDavidMobilier@lilys_prod
Instagram de Vincent Kem